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Monday, July 18, 2011

Honeymoon in Charleston SC Part 3 | Destination Photography

I don't think I can say this enough! i LOVE charleston! The best food I've ever tasted was in Charleston SC. So, naturally I had to take photos! 

So, the first restaurant we went to was Toast.  It serves breakfast all day and bottomless mimosas! 

Day 2 was when I started to feel sick, so we went to a place called Ladles. It is a soup bar. It was really good!

One of my favorite places is Slightly North of Broad. Sometimes it pays to eat like a SNOB!

John had shrimp and grits! And the salmon. 

I had the special beef tacos! They were sooooooo good! 

 They brought the best corn bread I've ever had to the table! 

Our friend Casey got us a gift certificate to The Peninsula Grill. YUM! 

John got the corn and lobster bisque for an appetizer! It was so good I couldn't stop eating it! 

John had steak and potatoes! 

I had chicken with sweet potato tots! 

Peninsula Grill is known for their coconut cake! It was definitely the best I ever had!

 We went to the Charleston Crab House one night for dinner. 

We bonded with our server. She was getting married too! When we told her we were on our honeymoon she gave us a complimentary dessert... chocolate cake and an entire bottle of whipped cream! 

John treated me to a little treat. Downtown has a chocolatier... Christophe

We went to Mercato for drinks!

My sister got us a gift certificate to 82 Queen
We started with drinks at the bar. 

Then we got a table in the courtyard! 
I got the fried green tomatoes to start with. John got she crab soup! The best I've ever tasted.

About the time that we got our appetizers a squirrel was enjoying his dinner right above us! 

John got sea bass on grits for him main course!

I got pork chop with a apricot sauce! That sauce was the best thing ive ever tasted!

John had to take a picture of my "omg this is so good face!" 

On our last night we went back to 82 Queen for dessert. I had the creme brulee and john had cheesecake! 

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