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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Destination weddings Article | Destination wedding photography

We are having a destination wedding!  What vendors should we bring?
There are some resorts that offer vendors but there are 2 vendors you should definitely  bring with you no matter where you're getting married.... your consultant and your photographer. Your planner or consultant has been with you from the beginning. It is his or her job to make sure everything is running smoothly especially in a different country! Your photographer is also someone you should trust! They are capturing your special day. You will want to have talked with this person before your wedding day, not meet them a day before the wedding! You will want to be comfortable in front of the camera. Not look stressed on the happiest day of your life! 

The trend is growing! Destination Weddings are the weddings of the future! With the innovation of the internet you can book your venue, flights and hotels with a click of a button! Destination weddings are very exciting but can also be very stressful for a couple, especially if you have never been there. So at first, letting the hotel book all your vendors sounds like a great idea. The hotel often often books everything for an additional fee. This often includes a wedding photographer. 

The hotel wedding photographer often has several weddings that same day! They have a set formula to get a few photos in the quickest time possible. There is no chance of arranging where, when and the style of photos you would like. You pay a fee and get what everyone else gets. This is suitable for some couples but if you are spending the extra time and money on a destination wedding, wouldn't you want photos that capture the beauty and romance of it all! You will want a detailed record of the event and everything surrounding it. Not just a handful of photos from a set list.
Leaving your wedding photography with a hotel wedding photographer who you have not met or spoken with before the wedding does not make for good photography.
Believe me when I say:

BYOP- Bring your own pros!

By bringing your own destination wedding photographer you know that the photographer is solely there for you! You will have already spoken with your wedding photographer and have a chance to build a rapport with them.  

Questions to ask your destination wedding photographer:

1.Ask if you can see some samples of their work
2.Ask about their experience with Destination Weddings
3.Ask if they will arrange their own travel & accommodation or if you have to do this for them
4.Ask about the pricing options they have
5.Ask if they have a current and valid passport
6.Do they have backup camera equipment
7.Ask what they will plan to do before they travel to prepare for your wedding? Answers to this question should include: Speaking with the wedding coordinator, Scouting locations for photos, Checking weather and having alternative locations    

Remember if you don't feel comfortable with the vendors the hotel is providing, B.Y.O.P. You are spending the time and money for this beautiful event! Make sure it is stress-free! 

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