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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to photograph your kids better, even with your iPhone | Wilmington NC Children Photography

    I just love taking photos of my little one. I often don't have the time (or the energy) to grab my DSLR when Olivia is being cute. My iPhone is usually in arms reach so its what I normally use to photograph her at home.

   I then realized that a lot of mom's are probably like me. They don't have the time or energy to photograph their own kids. This is why I can't stress enough, please take your kids to a professional to be photographed at least once a year. Kids change so quickly. Before you know it my little O is going to be going away to college. Blah! I can't even think about it! For right now I am just enjoying watching her learn how to stand on her own! As for the other 364 days a year I'm going to give you a little tip on how to photograph your kids better, even with an iPhone. 

The number one tip I can give. Make sure there is plenty of natural light. Are you in a dark room? Open the curtains or blinds. Move to a different room with more natural window light. A room with a sliding glass door makes a great light source.  Or you can even move your little one next to the window. Make sure you are photographing with the subject perpendicular to the window, so only one side of their face is lit. Take a look at the photo below. I photographed Olivia with the window to the right of her. Can you see on her face how the left side is lit? Olivia was less then amused about me taking her picture. She better get used to it, having a mother who is a photographer. ;)

I highly recommend using a DSLR to take your kids photos however if your like me I completely understand. The Canon Rebel T3 is very reasonably priced for a starter camera if your interested in a DSLR. Or you can just higher a professional photographer. :)

Below are 2 photos I took of Olivia. The one on the top is with my iPhone and the one on the bottom is with my DSLR. The iPhone photo had the photo enhance feature in the camera app. Its actually pretty good. And the DSLR photo on had a bit of contrast reduced. Being so close to the light source makes for a more dramatic lighting. See the difference in quality? Let me know what you think, leave a comment below! :)

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