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Friday, February 21, 2014

How Pinterest can transform your wedding! | Wilmington NC Wedding Photography

Have you gotten engaged recently? I’m assuming so since you’re visiting a wedding blog! If so, CONGRATS! Now here comes the fun part- finding inspiration to make your dream day exactly that, a dream. 

Many people have a general idea of what they want when it comes to wedding day visions and let’s be honest, many girls have been planning this day ever since they can remember.  Sometimes it’s difficult to make your visions a reality; however, I’ve come across the PERFECT social media platform for you to find the inspiration you may be seeking.

Some of you may have heard of Pinterest, a community used to display your own categorized vision boards to share photos of your own in addition to browsing through the photos of other “pinners.”  Most females on Pinterest have at least one vision board dedicated to their wedding.

You can find things such as wedding gifts, wedding dresses, cakes, flower arrangements, rings, something borrowed, something blue AND wedding photos

You can use Pinterest to find your perfect photographer or just decide which photos are the most important to you! Most brides want the same kind of photos, however sending your photographer to your Pinterest board can help show them what style you are looking for and what is the most important to you.... for some that is their wedding party, others its bride and groom photos! One time, Lesley even had a client who wanted a lot of photos of her wedding reception decor.. she was an interior designer and planned every single detail right down to the flower!

The next time you’re seeking inspiration while you find yourself daydreaming about your big day make your way over to Pinterest.  I can guarantee you’ll find some new ideas that others have shared in addition to finding the motivation you’ve been seeking. 

We've got some great boards on our Pinterest board to help you plan your wedding... Check it out here

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