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Friday, March 7, 2014

How to photograph your kids better | Wilmington NC Family Photographer

So, if your a reader of my blog you know I always talk about the importance of capturing the memories of your children and family. I understand that not everyone can afford a family photographer so I am here to teach you how to better photograph your children. There was an amazing photographer, George Lange, on the Today Show this morning. He talks about this very subject, that I am so passionate about. Check out the interview here. I love how he talks about the feeling of the photo and what the meaning of the photo is about in that moment is more important then what the photo looks like. I love this and completely agree! Below you will see two photos of my daughter... the first time she slept in her crib and eating cake at her first birthday! Both of these photos probably don't mean much to you but they mean the world to me and they will be moments I keep with me always. So whenever there is a wonderful moment happening in your child's life make sure you capture it because its those photos you will be looking back in the years to come.

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